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A Bachelor Party

What makes a bachelor party great?; How much do bachelor parties cost?  Do I have to have a bachelor party? and more...

What makes a bachelor party great?

A bachelor party is an event that's in honor of the groom to be, it's a get together with his friends to say goodbye to single life.

How much do bachelor parties cost?

Bachelor parties range in price depending upon what you are doing, how many guests you have invited, the destination, the style of your event. It can be as little as, you know, twenty euros per person and you are having a pizza party or it can, you know, go up into the hundreds if you are planning on doing some sort of Bachelor Weekends "excursion" together.

Do I have to have a bachelor party?

Sure, you should have a bachelor party. It could take on different forms. Maybe it's not a night time or more sexy event. Maybe you just want to get with your buddies and go out and play ball together and have a few drinks. But its a nice way to relax and you need that time to spend with your friends just to have a break before you get married.

How many grooms are having bachelor parties these days?

Approximately 80%, 85% of the grooms are having bachelor parties as one of their pre-wedding events. Sometimes they're not going out on the town, they're having sporting events or they get together with their friends and have a dinner, but they are having some type of get together.

When should I throw a bachelor party?

You should have a bachelor party, again, about one to three weeks before the wedding. Anything closer and it might get in the way of the some of the events you have planned for the wedding. You don't want to have it the night before the wedding. But if you have friends from out of town and you're not doing a night-time event, like if you're just doing a lunch-in you can also do that several days before the wedding. That's okay.

How are bachelor parties different from bachelorette parties?

Bachelor parties are kind of different than bachelorette parties. Bachelorette parties are into the story of those last single moments and sort of reliving those sharing and bonding moments. Bachelor parties, like most guys they want to get together and talk about the now and hangout and they also maybe might be a little sexier. They might go to strip clubs a little more often than the girls do. So that's how they differ.

How far in advance should I plan a bachelor party?

Depending on what kind of party you are planning for you bachelor party. You will need to start planning according to what is in store. So if you are planning a destination bachelor party that is going to take longer that planning a get together at X's Beer Shop. So depending on what kind of party you are having, that is how much time it will take to plan. For destination events start planning six months ahead of time, and an event at a venue, try about three months to get started

What etiquette I should consider when planning a bachelor party?

Don't steal the tips from the stripper. Really, I mean she's working hard for you so, but I've had people actually steal tips from the stripper. You want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable at the bachelor party. You know, don't make them do anything they feel uncomfortable with, don't take pictures of people don't want to have pictures of them taken.

Popular types of bachelor parties are the destination parties still, Barcelona is a really hot spot, going club hopping, they'll make it a whole weekend, they´ll make daytime activities, they'll plan lunches, they'll have a nice steak dinner with strip-shows. So those types of events are usually the destination; weekend events are still the most popular right now.

What are the best places for a bachelor party?

Depending on what kind of bachelor party you want to have, you can choose any kind of venue. If you're doing a dinner you can try private rooms in some clubs where you can have your dinner and then go out dancing at the same location. You could try hotel suites, you can decorate the suite and have a party in there and go out afterwards. If you're doing daytime you want to try your favorite restaurants. If you are having a more casual party, there's a sporting event, there's luncheons and dinners at karting racing locations. So it really depends on what kind of bachelor party you're having as to what venue you're going to go to.

Popular destinations are Barcelona, Alicante (Benidorm) , Sevilla, Málaga and Madrid have also become very popular. Usually the places that are very popular for weddings have also been very popular for pre-wedding parties.

What style should I consider for a bachelor party?

Depending on the style of the bachelor himself, that's what kind of party you want to have for the bachelor. So, if he's a laid-back guy, you want to have a laid-back party. If he's a formal guy, than you want to do a dinner, but always make sure it's going to be something fun and have something unexpected that's a surprise to him.

What sort of ambiance should I create for a bachelor party?

So, the ambiance and the mood that you set for a bachelor party, again, depending on the style, you want to create something that's informal, usually. Something very relaxed, where the, you know, you can hang out, you can have fun, you know, have a good time!

What sort of invitations are best for bachelor parties?

Guys are a little bit more casual with the bachelor parties. And some of them put together invitations, especially if they have a planner that helps them out. And then sometimes they get kind of ornate where they'll send it in some sort of keepsake. So again with the cigars they may have around the cigar, have the invitation rolled up around that. Or sometimes they do paper invitations. Just regular paper invitations in some sort of colorful type of design that compliments the party. Or sometimes they just do a phone call. Although I don't necessarily think that that's a good idea, because the guys need to have something in front of them to say, 'Hey, this is when the party is!' So you want to give them something that they can hold onto and look back and say, okay this is when the party is. So give them an invitation.

What sort of games are right for bachelor parties?

Bachelor parties don't have as many games like the bachelorette parties do. The guys might have some toasting going on; they might go around the room and say, "How do you know the groom?" so people can get to know each other -- they have games like that. But they don't play as many games unless there's a professional entertainer involved orchestrating the games and then it's really up to that person what their rules are.

What are the best activities for bachelor parties?

Depending upon the time that you have your bachelor party there are different activities that might be kind of fun. During the daytime you want to take advantage of the outdoors, so you might want to go hiking with friends together, have a hiking party, or sporting events. Paintball and Karting is very popular.  If it's a nighttime event you want to do clubs. That sort of thing.

What sort of entertainment should I have at a bachelor party?

There's a lot of different type of entertainment for bachelor parties; stand-up comedians, dancers, cigar rollers, singers, bands, you name it, clowns, a magician that does a different type of an act, so it depends on what you want to do. I wouldn't say have too much entertainment because you want the guys to hang out but it is a nice way to mix it up a little bit, add a little excitement throw an entertainer in there.

Should I serve food at a bachelor party?

Sure, you should service food at a bachelor party. Guys generally don't want to prepare to much for parties. So, I recommend them going out to a restaurant or picking up party trays, those are easier then having catering companies come in. But guys, if you are having a party, if you are serving drinks, you want to have some nibbles for them also besides just a bag of chips.

How much liquor should I serve at a bachelor party?

How much liquor should you serve at a Bachelor depends on who you're inviting. I have guy parties that can drink a keg in a half an hour and it's only two guys. There are guys who are like it's not their thing and a keg can last them for ten years. So, it really depends on who you're having and if you're going to be doing alcohol, what your guests like to drink. You might want to do a specialty drink and then also have, if they're beer drinkers, have some beer and wine as a compliment to it. But what you serve can also compliment the style of the party you are having.

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