Adventure Bachelor Party in Barcelona


The best activities that you can do in your Bachelor Party, celebrations or any special event!


As most of you know the evening festivities for a bachelor party are already pre-determined. They usually involve some combination of limos, nightclubs, meal, strippers and more. But, the difficult question that always remains is: what are we going to do during the day? There are a plethora of options for the guys and girls to choose from and we are sure this list will help:



Water Activities, everything you can imagine at the Sea!

The best water sports in Barcelona from 30€ per person. Feel free to ask about our special paks. We offer: jetski, Flyboard, Funtoys, Motorboats, Saling, Seaparty, Zodiac and Romantic events. Enjoy our water Sports!


JetsKi Excursion from 100€

FlyBoard, swim like a dolphin, fly like a bird from 85€

Flygroups, swim like a dolphin, fly like a bird with your friends from 300€ Up to 4p.

Ski/wake, watersports / Ski or wakeboard from 150€ Up to 2p. 

Funtoys, fun into the water. Banana Bus from 20€ per person.

Parasailing, from 90€ for 1 and 160€ for 2persons

Kayak Excursion, from 30€ for person.

Paddle Surf, from 15€ for person (Min 4)

Segway tours. Route from 40€ per person. 

Feel free to ask about specials: 

Jetski pack and sailboat.

pack Banana, Flyboard and Sailboat.

Watersports combined group activities.

Sailing Tours daily departures at 11h, 14h & 17h.

Sailboats rental, departures at 11h, 14h & 17h.

Sailing Trip and sunset. 

Romantic Sailing for two, romantic soiree & dinner on board.

Catamaran Rental.

Speedboats Rental.

Motorboat rental. Departures at 11h, 14h & 17h.

Motoryacht. Departures at 11h, 14h & 17h.

Luxury yacht rental. 1/2 Day charter. 


 Let´s go Karting!


For go karting in Brcelona, be it outdoor karting or indoor karting, Bachelor Party Barcelona provide all that you need for an unforgettable go kart racing experience. Whether you're go karting for a corporate event, bachelor or just for fun, we have a range of go karting tracks for large groups in and around Barcelona for you to choose from.


barcelona karting is a great way to strengthen Corporate relationships, improve company morale and entertain your business clients successfully. Our carting professionals  team offer fun-filled Corporate go karting experiences at the best Barcelona  karting tracks.

Karting is ideal for special events such as stag weekends, hen parties and birthday celebrations.

Even if you're simply looking for a cheap go karting event, our experienced team of karting experts will work hard to create a fantastic go Karting experience for you and your party.



Let´s go Paintball


If you are looking for a paintball event full of great surprises or just a fun day out with friends, you can rely on us to create an exhilarating and memorable experience.


Whether you are looking for an unforgettable birthday bash, office outing, stag party, hen party or a great out with a few mates, you need look no futher than a great Paintball.


Any size groups are welcome. If you have a party with 25 persons of more, we can offer you the option of an exclusive "private event" just playing amongst yourselves.


We are very proud to offer you all facilities, professional and friendly service for have your best experience with our Paintball co-partners.




Let´s go Quads!


It will be a great way to kick start your day with loads of action and excitements, draving these off road vehicles will be great and fun for sure. Quad bikes are designed for everyone, you don´t have to be a seasoned driver to give it a try. Quad bikes are perfect for all type of events, from driving enthusiasts to non drivers, anyone can give it a try, and have a great fun.


Being a popular motorized event among bachelor and bachelorette groups (stag and hen parties), quad biking is a smart way to try something different with your friends. You can even combine it with other fun filled day purssuits and create a perfect day out with friends. You will be provided with all safety gear and necessary equipments at the activity centre.


You won´t burn rubber, you will chum rubber. The thumping  quad treaks are great way to loosen up a corporate event or go wild at a stag or hen party... you and all your friends or colleagues will tackle a variety of terrain. The qualified instructors will ensure that every rides safely but still enjoy a rocking and rolling good time. Even if you are novice thrill-seeker will enjoy your session, and learn to skilfully manage each petrol powered challenge. This is FFF, fast, furious and fun. What can be better? Book you place NOW!



Let´s do Flamenco Show! 


One of the popular nighttime activities for tourists visiting Barcelona is taking in a flamenco show.

Flamenco is defined as a dance style of the Andalusian Gypsies characterized by forceful, often improvised rhythms and the guitar music that usually accompanies this style. If you want to see a flamenco show, there are a couple of reasonably priced, highly regarded ones in Barcelona. You can choose between a show only option, a tapas and show option and a four-course dinner and show option. 








Party Boats



Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion? If so, a party boat just might be the perfect venue. Imagine cruising and navigate the Catalan coast, looking at the beautiful scenery and enjoying the company of friends and family without having to worry about anything to do with managing the event. On the boat, a staff of professionals will take care of all the details, so you can just relax and enjoy the occasion. No matter which kind of event you are planning, this can be a terrific option! 


There are many  things to consider when you planning booking a party boat, including food and drink availability and pricing, facilities and pricing for entertainment, and very important thing: the boat company's policy regarding inclement weather.


Planned correctly, your boat party will be a lot of fun and a unique experience for everyone who attends. Whether it's a bachelorette, bachelor, birthday, business event, wedding or any other type of party, you will not need to worry about setting things up, making dinner or cleaning up afterwards. All you need to do is be ready for have a great time! Put on your best party face, your best swimsuit and a pair of dancing shoes, and get ready to be the host of an event that your friends and family members will talk about for years to come.

Let´s go and enjoy your Party on the water!! 


The best Relax that you can have during your best event... Go Spa! 


Comming soon!





Diving the Catalan Cost!


Barcelona Scuba Diving, for an unforgettable daving adventure during your bachelor party in Barcelona or any other event. We will find for you the best options. Maybe you will need a one day introductory dives, if yes, let us know. So if you are looking for fun, adventure, dive education or to become a commercial diver, we offer it all. You will be diving the Catalan cost with a spectacular visibility exploring the abundant varieties of fish and marine life. Daving in the Catalan cost is an underwater amazing experience.


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